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Dad Jokes: The Punniest Joke Book Ever

Put an end to courtesy laughs and awkward silences with the jokes in this book! From the people who br...

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How to Fight a Bear...and Win

For more than 25 years, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has helped you learn amazing things you didn’...

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I Am a Wonder Woman

I Am a Wonder Woman is an entertaining and inspirational look at some of the most influential women in...

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Strange History

This exciting title from the folks at the Bathroom Readers' Institute contains the strangest short hi...

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The Funniest & Grossest Joke Book Ever!

It's a 2-for-1 of epic proportions—this book combines our two bestselling kids' joke books! Do you k...

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The Funniest Joke Book Ever!

Kids can’t resist sharing jokes (even you try to stop them), so they always need a fresh supply. We...

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Uncle John's Actual and Factual Bathroom Reader

Uncle John and his team of devoted researchers are back again with an all-new collection of weird news...

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Uncle John's New & Improved Briefs

Fresh from the package, Uncle John presents his spanking-clean new and improved Briefs! We’ve refres...

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Who Knew?

Why do elephants have such big ears? What's the difference between fog and mist? Who invented sliced b...

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