Monopoly “Iron” Token Out, “Cat” In

February 6, 2013

Wow – hadn’t even heard they were doing this! We would have started a “toilet” token movement!

The Monopoly iron is going off to that giant linen closet in the sky.

The token, a staple of the Hasbro board game since the 1930s, is being retired after only garnering 8% of fan votes in a “Save Your Token” campaign. The Scottie dog was the clear choice for fans and game players from 185 countries, getting 29% of the vote.

While the iron leaves the game, a new cat will take its place passing “GO!” and collecting $200 going forward. The feline piece conquered its own competition in a separate vote on theMonopoly Facebook page, winning over four other proposed tokens — a toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring — with 31%.

Monopoly extras, from page 105 of of Uncle John’s HEAVY DUTY Bathroom Reader:

  • Longest game of Monopoly ever played in a moving elevator: 384 hours.
  • Often overlooked rule: If a player lands on a property and opts not to buy it, the property must be auctioned off.
  • Monopoly was popular in Cuba before the rise of Fidel Castro, who banned the game and ordered all copies destroyed.
  • In 2009 Kenneth Reppke of Fraszer, Michigan, was arrested on an assault charge for hitting a friend in the head because she wouldn’t sell him Boardwalk and park Place during a Monopoly game.
  • There are dozens of actual—if unofficial—”opoly” games, including Bibleopoly, Dog-opoly, Cocktailopoly, Dino-opoly, and Ghettopoly—possibly the most politically incorrect boardgame of all time.
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