Photo Sunday: Arlington Row, Bibury

April 28, 2013

So awesome. (Click on the pic for a very big version, and go here for a really big one.)

Caption:Arlington RowBibury, built in 1380 as a monastic wool store. The buildings were converted into weaver cottages in the 17th century.”

Just beautiful. Makes us want to put on a pair of fuzzy slippers, sit next to a toasty fire, and sip a stout or three!

• Many more pics here. on Arlington Row. (And just because it’s bugging us – they’ve got a typo! “Dinning” for “dining”! AHHHK!)

Oh—that made us read closer: “For a unique dining experience be sure to visit the Bibury Trout Farm & Restaurant where you dine on trout that you catch yourself, how fun is that?

Good fun! We want to go!

• And as you may have seen, this is Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day for today – and we are great and enthusiastic supporters of the wonderful thing that is Wikimedia Commons. You go, WC! (Appropriate bathroom pun not intended! But we’ll take it!)