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Fake-or-Fact Friday: Anarchy in the E.U.

October 3, 2014

Here are three weird news stories from Europe. Two of them are insanely true…and one we just made up. Which one is the faker? The answer is at the end of the post.


An English chef was employed by producers of zombie drama The Walking Dead to make a special dish to promote the show. He made a hamburger that he believes is a very close approximation to what a burger made of delicious, zombie-baiting human flesh might taste like. The chef researched firsthand accounts of flesh-eaters for clues, including a Japanese cannibalistic criminal and reports from the infamous Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes and had to resort to cannibalism. The final product: a burger made from minced pork, minced veal, and bone marrow.


If you spend any time at all online (which you obviously do), you’ve probably come across a “Terms of Service” prompt…which you probably didn’t read, clicked “yes” indicating you had, and got on with the cat videos or pig-killing birds. So few people read these that a Finnish online security company grew worried that people would agree to something horrible if they didn’t pay attention. The company conducted an experiment, offering test subjects free Wi-Fi access, if they approved the Terms of Service. Six people took the bait, neglecting to see that in exchange for that free Wi-Fi they gave up their “first born child for the duration of eternity.”


Late one night in Leeds, England, a 19-year-old attempted to rob his local pub, the Duck and Drake as the publican was closing up shop. The publican was having none of it and chased the would-be thief out of the shop, down the street, and into a stream. His weapon of choice was extremely British. He was eating fish and chips when the thwarted robbery began, and as he ran after him, threw the chips (fries) at the criminal. When he finally caught up, he whacked him across the face with a piece of deep-fried haddock.


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