3 Mothers You Don’t Want to Mess With

November 20, 2014

Never threaten a mother bear’s cubs, regardless of the animal.

Mothers You Don’t Want to Mess WithCut it out!

In 2013, 33-year-old Nora Silver and her mother, Esther, discovered a group of more than a dozen boys picking on Nora’s two teenage sons, pushing one of them down. The women quickly joined the fray, with the elder Silva grabbing one of the bullies, telling him, “You are not going to hit my grandson!” The threat was apparently insufficient. As one boy pinned her son to the ground and punched him, Nora Silva stabbed him in the back with a box cutter. For preventing the abuse of her child by abusing another child, she was arrested for aggravated child abuse.

What wood you do?

In August 2012, Portland, Oregon, mother Antoinette Robinson looked our of her window and saw a teenager attempting to abduct her six-year-old daughter. The teenager had one hand over the child’s mouth and one arm around her waist. That’s when, Robinson said, she ran out of the house, grabbed the culprit, and “just socked him in his face.” He let the little girl go, and Robinson went to hit him again, but he was already running away. Robinson quickly ran to her car and gave chase. Robinson caught up with the suspect, and looking around the ground for a weapon, grabbed a 2×4 and struck the would-be kidnapper. Police arrested the 17-year-old, and gave a statement praising the mother’s “quick thinking.”

Taking aim

Something seemed off about it when someone insistently knocked on the door of Melinda Herman’s Georgia home one afternoon in January 2013. She didn’t answer, and instead called her husband, at work. Just to be safe, he called police to ask them to check on his wife, while Melinda his with her nine-year-old twins in a closet. Her instinct had been correct—the suspect forced his way inside and started rummaging around. He didn’t get into the closet—because Herman shot him with a .38 revolver six times. The threat neutralized, Herman and her children fled the house, while the burglar was found collapsed near the house, and was arrested.

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