Green Bay Packers Trivia

5 Fast Facts About the Green Bay Packers

January 14, 2015

Get ready for this weekend’s NFC Championship game with some facts on one of the contenders. Here are is some interesting Packers trivia to prepare you.

  • Green Bay Packers TriviaGreen Bay is the smallest city to host an NFL team, and has one of the most loyal fan bases. The result: It’s extremely hard to get tickets. They’ve been sold out since 1960, with a renewal rate of 99.6 percent. That means only a hundred or so become available each year to the waiting list of more than 86,000 people. If you get on the list now, you’ll probably have to wait about 950 years.
  • Fans of the Packers’ bitter rivals Chicago Bears have long taunted Packer-backers by calling them “Cheeseheads,” as they’re from Wisconsin, an area rife with cheese production. Instead of being insulted, Packer fans owned the insult, calling themselves Cheeseheads. In 1987, a fan wore a foam-cheese-hat to a game, and a tradition was born.
  • The Packers famously play on “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.” Who’s Lambeau? Team founder—and player, and first head coach—Earl “Curly Lambeau.” He even worked at the Indian Packing Company, the meatpacking plant that sponsored the team and gave it its name.
  • Lambeau had attended Notre Dame, and used the school’s blue-and-gold color scheme for the first iterations of the team in the American Professional Football Association in the early 20th century. (The green-and-gold was adopted in 1950.)
  • What tradition did the Packer’s LeRoy Butler start in 1993? The “Lambeau Leap”—a player who scores a touchdown jumps (or attempts to jump) into the loving arms of the home crowd.

This isn’t about the Packers, really, but it is an interesting bit of trivia. Los Angeles, which has no NFL team, has a population of 12,874,797. Green Bay, which has an NFL team, has a population of 306,241. That means 1 Los Angeles = 42 Green Bays.