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Fake-or-Fact Friday: Macca Eats His Vegetables

February 13, 2015

Paul McCartney is one of the most famous vegetarians in the world. Two of the following stories are real stories about the Beatle eating veggies on vinyl, and one is fake. Can you guess which one is false? (Answer at the end of the post.)


Paul McCartney is credited on Welsh art rock band Super Furry Animals’ 2001 album Rings Around the World. He’s listed as playing “celery and carrot” on the songs “Receptacle for the Respectable.” The collaboration came about when a band member met McCartney at an awards show and asked if the band could remix some McCartney recordings. The ex-Beatle was so pleased he later agreed to appear on the song.


In the 1960s, a health food-obsessed Brian Wilson recorded a song called “Vega-Tables.” He’d intended it to be a part of the Beach Boys’ Smile, which fell apart during recording. It ultimately appeared on the 1967 album Smiley Smile. The song is literally about the pleasures of eating vegetables, and includes lots of crunching of vegetables as a kind of percussion. Wilson’s friend, Paul McCartney of the Beatles, crunched celery on the track.


Rivers Cuomo of the alternative rock band Weezer cites Brian Wilson as one of his biggest influences. In 2008, he asked Wilson to appear on his band’s song “Pork and Beans” to crunch cucumbers—a nod to “Vege-Tables.” Wilson, who has long battled mental illness and agoraphobia, turned down the request. Instead, McCartney contributed to the song, uncredited, chewing cucumbers.


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