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Impossible Questions: Most Valuable Player Edition – The Answer

April 22, 2015

Think you’ve got the right answer? Keep reading to see if you nailed it.

If NBA scoring champion Russell Westbrook wins the Most Valuable Player award, he’ll be the first person in NBA history to do what?

Westbrook would be the first MVP from a team that didn’t make the playoffs.

Westbrook scored 28.1 points per game in the 2014-2015 season, the highest in the NBA. He edged out James Harden of Houston with 27.4 PPG and his teammate Kevin Durant, with 25.4 PPG—denying Durant his fifth scoring title in six seasons. Durant and Westbrook are both on a very short list of players in the running for the league’s MVP award.

The Oklahoma City Thunder finished with a 45-37 record. The New Orleans Pelicans had the same record, but due to tiebreaker rules, the Pelicans got the last playoff spot. So, despite having the present and past scoring champions on its roster, the Thunder missed the playoffs. If Westbrook (or Durant) wins the MVP award, it would be an NBA first, and an example of personal best…but a team not-so-best.

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