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Bennies From Heaven!

June 2, 2015

Does your employer provide job benefits? Not all do, of course. So if you’re job hunting, here are a few companies that offer some fantastic—and unusual—perks to let their employees know they’re appreciated.

  • Google BenefitsGoogle believes that happy employees work harder, so it provides many benefits, such as free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and free oil changes and car washes at its Mountain View, California, campus. And if a Google employee dies, his or her spouse or partner receives 50 percent of the deceased person’s salary…for 10 years.
  • AOL offers eight paid weeks of maternity for new moms…and dads. Employees who’ve recently adopted a baby get two weeks. The company also offers pre- and postnatal baby-care courses, and on site day care.
  • is an automotive consulting company. Its workers do most of their work on computers, and the company doesn’t want them to get lethargic and unhealthy, so it provides free organic vegetables and salads, delivered right to their desks.
  • Chesapeake Energy offers beauty services. Employees have free access to tanning beds, along with lesion removal, cancer screenings, and Botox injections.
  • Portland-based Umpqua Bank requires its tellers to dress in professional business attire. That can be expensive, so the company gives new employees a “clothing advance” of up to $500. All other employees can get clothes loans of up to $1,000 per year.
  • Scottrade is an online investing service, yet they have outlets all around the country. Reason: they’ll open a new branch in an area if an employee is considering moving there. So far, they’ve opened 20 new locations because a Scottrade worker wanted to move there.
  • Threadless Design produces and sells T-shirts. The company gives employees free beer. Threadless’s CEO is friends with the owner of Chicago brewery Finch’s Beer, and asked him to create a special beer for Threadless. Now, “Threadless IPA” is always available on tap in the employee kitchen.

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