6 Weird Ways to Wake Up Without a Cup of Coffee

December 1, 2015

Stuck in an afternoon slump and you can’t go get a cup of coffee, and the boss has asked you to stop taking naps at your desk? Here are some alternatives.

Exhausted woman sleeping at desk in front of computer

  • There’s a yoga pose/stretching technique called the “fish pose” that adherents say stimulates the body. Lie flat, on our back, and hold your hands under your hips while lifting your chest up and slowly tilting your head back.
  • An apple can perk you up. Why? One has just enough sugar in it to stabilize your blood sugar without creating a blood sugar spike (or drop later on), mimicking a boost to the system.
  • Drinking a glass of very cold ice water does two things to the body: It triggers adrenaline, and also boosts blood flow to the brain. Just like caffeine does. Most people don’t drink enough water anyway, so this helps the body function better, and therefore lessening fatigue.
  • Certain essential oils can be a homeopathic way to recharge. Rub a few drops of peppermint oil on your temples, or just below your nose.
  • A few studies have linked “self-acupuncture” with fighting off the sleepies. This doesn’t involve needles—instead, gently press down on certain pressure points for three minutes each: the base of the neck, just below the fall of the foot, the top of the head, right under the knee cap’s center, and the point on the hand where thumb and index finger meet.
  • You might not be sleepy…you might just be bored. (We don’t know what it’s like to be bored at work, but evidently a lot of people do!) If that’s the case, try stimulating your brain instead of your body. Do a crossword puzzle, or a Sudoku, or laugh—studies show that laughing at something (a funny cat video even) wakes up the brain.


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