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Famous People's Pets

September 16, 2016

Do you think an animal cares that its owner is a celebrity? Probably not…but we do.
Celebrity Pets
MADONNA has a Chihuahua named Chiquita.
ERNEST HEMINGWAY had Springer Spaniels named Black Dog and Negrita (and 30 cats).
LEONARDO DICAPRIO has a Poodle named Rufus and a lizard named Blizzard.
MARTHA STEWART has cats named Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi, Teeny, and Weeny.
VIRGINIA WOOLF had a marmoset named Mitz.
ADOLF HITLER had a German Shepherd named Blondi.
JESSICA SIMPSON has a pot-bellied pig named Brutus.
MICHAEL JACKSON had a llama named Louie.
CALVIN COOLIDGE had raccoons named Rebecca and Horace.
MUHAMMAD ALI had a tabby cat named Icarus.
CAMERON DIAZ has a cat named Little Man.
GEORGE CLOONEY has a pot-bellied pig named Max.
SIGMUND FREUD had a Chow named Jo-fi.
DREW BARRYMORE has a Lab/Chow mix named Flossie.
TRUMAN CAPOTE had a Bulldog named Bunky.
SYLVESTER STALLONE has a Boxer named Gangster.
BRITNEY SPEARS has a Yorkshire Terrier named Baby.
SLASH has a Golden Retriever named Belle.
GEORGE ORWELL had a dog named Marx and a goat named Muriel.
CHRISTINA AGUILERA has a dog named Jackson (for her idol, Michael Jackson).
CHARLES DARWIN had a dog named Bob.
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