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What Kids Around the World Leave Out for Santa Claus

December 23, 2016

Not every kid in the world leaves out milk and cookies for Santa. That makes sense, because that treat is a very American pairing. Also, it’s nice that Santa gets to try a variety of snacks on his big night. Here’s a look at what kids around the world (and their parents) leave out on Christmas Eve for the man in red.
What Kids Around the World Leave Out for Santa Claus


The country is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that December 25 smalls smack dab in the middle of summer. As a result, when Santa goes to houses in Australia, he gets a refreshing glass of lemonade. Or an ice cold bottle of beer.


Nobody goes to Ireland without grabbing a pint of Guinness—even Santa. Irish kids leave out a glass of stout.


Instead of leaving out goodies for Santa on Christmas Eve, kids in the South American country leave out hay and water on January 6. They’re for the horses that guided the Three Wise Men, who arrived to visit the Baby Jesus on the holiday called Epiphany. (It’s the twelfth day of Christmas.)


Fruitcake is a popular holiday treat, perhaps nowhere more so than in Chile. A fruitcake-like baked good called pan de pascua is offered up for El Viejo Pascuero, the Chilean Santa Claus.


The French Santa Claus (Père Noël) looks inside children’s shoes for, what else, cookies for himself and carrots for his reindeer. If kids were diligent enough to fill their shoes with treats, Père Noël will reciprocate with gifts.


Tomte, a winter creature, is who delivers the presents in Sweden. And the one thing he needs on a long night of delivering gifts: a cup of coffee.


Instead of cookies, the traditional holiday treat of mince pie is what’s left for Santa by kids in Britain. And instead of milk, Santa gets a nice glass of sherry.

The Netherlands

Awaiting Sinterklass is a Dutch treat…for his horse. (Santa’s sleigh is believed to be pulled by horses, not reindeer.) If kids leave carrots, hay, and water, they’ll get treats in return, such as chocolate coins, oranges, and marzipan.


Santa must be full by the time he gets to Germany. In that country, kids leave hand-written notes.
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December 29, 2016 2:11 pm

Dunno where you got the Guinness idea from, but it’s poppycock. Methinks the marketing fairies are waving their magic wants.

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