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Random Bits of Animal Trivia for You Trivia Animals on National Trivia Day

January 4, 2018

There are a lot of silly, made-up holidays out there…and today is our favorite one. It’s National Trivia Day. Trivia is totally our thing (!) so, well, here’s some trivia about animals.

Trivia Day

• Have you ever given a hungry-looking stray cat a saucer of milk? Sure, cats love milk. That may well be the case, but almost all of them are lactose intolerant. 

• Say you’ve got some turkey poop in your yard. (It happens all the time at BRI headquarters.) If you’re curious as to the gender of the biological littering turkey, consider this: Female turkey poop is J-shaped, and male turkey poop is spiraled.

• The Hydra is a monster from Greek mythology, often depicted as a serpent with nine heads. (Hercules kills it and saves us all.) Hydra is also the name of a real-life, 10mm-long sea creature. It’s such a simple lifeform that it doesn’t have a permanent mouth—it has to make itself a new one whenever it eats.

• The sound of a pack of wolves all howling together at once is both majestic and terrifying. If you’re scared, that means the howling is working. Wolves harmonize their owls, that way it sounds like their pack is bigger than it actually is.

• So if bears and other animals hibernate for the winter, how do they, you know, go? Bears have been sleeping through the winter for so long that their bodies have adapted. Any excretion that would normally happen when the bears are awake instead gets “recycled” into energy to keep the animal alive until spring.

• If you think the squirrels that walk all over your roof at 5 in the morning and eat all the nuts off of your trees are annoying, then you just might be a prairie dog. The cute, little rodents kind of look like squirrels, but they also inexplicably hate squirrels. Prairie dogs will kill squirrels for no reason—it’s not for food, because they don’t even eat meat.

• The most giant Giant Squids ever measured were 43 feet long and weighed about a ton.

• There are many endangered animal species out there, but only the cutest and friendliest ones seem to get all the attention: pandas and such. An actual organization called the Ugly Animal Preservation Society thinks all animals are worthy of saving…even the ugly ones. According to the group, the world’s ugliest animal is a sea creature called the gelatinous blobfish. (We agree.)

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