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Paris Love Locks

Paris vs. the Love Locks

June 10, 2015

This strange tradition began over a hundred years ago and it eventually became a big problem in Paris. Here’s why the City of Light finally cracked down on its thousands of “love locks.”

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Golden Toilet

The Search for Turkey’s Golden Thrones

June 9, 2015

Turkey’s current president has been heavily criticized for his lavish lifestyle but does his new palace actually contain golden toilet seats? If so, he may have to resign. After serving as Turkey’s prime minister for more than 11 years, Recep T...

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Google Benefits

Bennies From Heaven!

June 2, 2015

Does your employer provide job benefits? Not all do, of course. So if you’re job hunting, here are a few companies that offer some fantastic—and unusual—perks to let their employees know they’re appreciated.

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