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Safe Driving and Flying in 1936

April 13, 2012

Here's an odd little instructional film about safe driving—as told via safe flying instructions—by the Jam Handy Organization, for Chevrolet: The Jam Handy Organization was founded and run by Henry Jamison "Jam" Handy, who from the 1930s until...

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Easter Bilby

April 8, 2012

BRI T. here, reporting from the field in Australia. Just wanted to show you two things. First, look at this tasty fella, sitting right now on our dining room table here in Sydney: It's an Easter bilby! An Easter marsupial! You can imagine our sur...

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“Jesus of Siberia”

April 7, 2012

From the Sydney Morning Herald: "VICE visits a remote commune in Siberia in hopes of meeting a man who claims to be Jesus and has a following of thousands."

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