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Super Bowl Village Zipline Video

February 4, 2012

We told you for a few days ago that we've got a BRI spy in Indianapolis, taking photographs around Super Bowl Village in the buildup to the big game tomorrow. We got the stadium: A rather East German-looking security tower: And a flying man:

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Flying Man Spotted in Super Bowl City

February 1, 2012

We're just days away from Super Bowl XLVI, in which the ______________ will just CRUSH the _______________. Resoundingly. (Please fill in the blanks yourself. As for Uncle John, he's going with the Patriants. He can't stand the Girots.) As we repor...

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Our Super Bowl Spy in Indianapolis

January 30, 2012

Oh yeah, people, we just found out we have a spy in Indianapolis. He'll be sending us pics from around the city all week. Who knows what he might come across? Here's the Super Bowl XLVI "Monument Circle" in the city's downtown:

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