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Uncle John's Facts to Go Attack of the Foodies (eBook)


  • Pages: 50 pp.
  • Format: eBook
  • On Sale: July 15, 2014
  • ISBN 13: 9781626862418

$2.99 USD ($3.99 CAD)

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Pizza, chocolate, potatoes, grubs, coffee, croissants . . . grubs? Yes, grubs! In Attack of the Foodies, no food or beverage is safe from the culinary clutches of Uncle John. From around the world to your dinner table, this tasty e-book heaps a hefty helping of the BRI’s all-time most filling food and drink articles, along with a few brand new creations we’ve been concocting in our kitchen. (Think of this e-book as sort of a “prequel” to our Bathroom Lore e-book. Get it?) So lick your chops, put on your bib, let out a big burp to create same space, and sink your fork into…

• Diner lingo
• Cheesy poetry
• Kitchen science in the 21st century
• Terrible foods invented on TV
• The Americanization of the Italian pizza pie
• Between the bleeps: the wisdom of Chef Gordon Ramsay
• When good food turns bad: foods that have tried to kill us
• Buffalo Sweat, Smoker’s Cough, and other gross (but real) cocktails
• And speaking of gross, a do-it-yourself recipe for Jell-O (it isn’t pretty)

And much, much more!

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