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Albert Einstein: Genius of Space and Time!

By any measure, Albert Einstein changed the ways we understand—and measure—space and time. At fi...

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Instant Engineering

Instant Engineering pulls together all the pivotal engineering theories and discoveries into one conci...

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Instant Science

Instant Science pulls together all the pivotal scientific knowledge and thought into one concise volum...

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Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon!

Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon! is a biography of the astronaut who became the first person to...

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Science Made Simple

Science Made Simple will help children understand science topics taught at school and also encourage ...

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Strange Science

This amazing volume from the Bathroom Readers' Institute contains the strangest short science articles...

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Who Knew? Human Anatomy

Why are modern humans larger than people who lived 500 years ago? Can people spontaneously combust? Ho...

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Who Knew? Physics

In Who Knew? Physics, you’ll learn the mind-blowing answers to questions about the way our universe...

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