Book a Virtual Class with Show Me History! Author James Buckley Jr.

James Buckley Jr.


Show Me History! author James Buckley Jr. is available for a limited number of live webcast classes. Our current course focuses on Babe Ruth: Baseball's All-Time Best! and covers:

  • Key events in the life of Babe Ruth
  • Overview of how a graphic novel is made
  • Learn to think visually and establish context in history
  • Students can ask questions and interact with an established author

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What educators are saying about James Buckley Jr.'s virtual classes:

"Jim does such a great job connecting with the students by making the information relevant to their generation. It was so valuable that they were able to see that what we teach in the classroom is what authors do every day."

— Courtney McCandless, Fifth Grade/Sixth Grade Combo Teacher 

"My school recently received an awesome opportunity to meet with Mr. Jim Buckley Jr virtually. This was super cool! I feel like meeting virtually made it much easier for all students to see and interact with the author. The experience was very rewarding for both teachers and students alike. I loved the way that Mr. Buckley painted a picture through storytelling and connected with our students. His passion for writing history was apparent. Thank you, Mr. Jim Buckley Jr.!
— Carrie Clevenger- Literacy Coach for Blackford Intermediate School

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