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Mom Jokes

Moms need their laughs just as much as anyone, especially when they have to relieve the stress of cran...

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Sacagawea: Courageous Trailblazer!

What did 33 men in the 1800s need to find their way through the wilderness on a trip across America? T...

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George Washington: Soldier and Statesman!

Known as the “Father of Our Country,” George Washington lost his own father at the age of 11, was ...

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Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom!

Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom! tells the inspiring story of a woman who not only escaped from s...

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Jesus: Messenger of Peace!

Jesus: Messenger of Peace! tells the story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth as recounted in the Gospe...

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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time!

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time! introduces young readers to a sporting icon who was larger th...

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Star Wars: Fascinating Facts

Star Wars: Fascinating Facts is a compendium of hundreds of little-known facts about all nine episode...

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Engineering Made Simple

Enter a world of engineering with detailed explanations of the history of discovery and innovation tha...

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A Look Back at What Was Supposed to Happen in 2020 (According to Psychics)

January 7, 2021

This was a wild, harrowing, and unpredictable year… and one that self-proclaimed psychics somehow didn’t see coming. Here are some events that psychics claimed were supposed to happen in 2020. The world may have avoided a catastrophic attack ...

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