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Walt Disney: The Magical Innovator!

From his early upbringing in the Midwest to finding success in Hollywood, Walt Disney: The Magical In...

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Susan B. Anthony: Champion for Voting Rights!

Susan B. Anthony: Champion for Voting Rights! is a biography of the woman who was at the forefront of...

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Large Print Word Search

Sharpen your mental acuity with more than 200 large-print word search puzzles! Fun for all ages, this...

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Instant Science

Instant Science pulls together all the pivotal scientific knowledge and thought into one concise volum...

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Instant Engineering

Instant Engineering pulls together all the pivotal engineering theories and discoveries into one conci...

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Instant History

Instant History pulls together pivotal moments from history into one concise volume. Each page contain...

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Instant Mathematics

Instant Mathematics pulls together all the pivotal mathematical theories and discoveries into one conc...

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Great TED Talks: Innovation

Great TED Talks: Innovation features words of wisdom from 100 speakers and condenses their ideas into...

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The Absolute Worst in Entertainment

May 19, 2020

Everybody wants to be the best, but you know what’s more interesting? The worst. Here are some of the most spectacular flops to ever come along and utterly fail in their attempts to entertain. Worst Movie of All Time? After seeing a double-f...

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