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Great TED Talks: Innovation

Great TED Talks: Innovation features words of wisdom from 100 speakers and condenses their ideas into...

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Great TED Talks: Creativity

Online TED Talks have provided inspiration to a worldwide audience since 2006, focusing not only on su...

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Benjamin Franklin: Inventor of the Nation!

Benjamin Franklin has been called one of the most accomplished and influential Americans in history, a...

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Dad Jokes Too

Help Dad expand his joke repertoire with more than 800 eye-rollers, cringers, groaners, side-splitters...

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Great TED Talks: Leadership

In 2006, TED Talks became accessible online, and have since been viewed more than a billion times by p...

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Babe Ruth: Baseball's All-Time Best!

Long regarded as the greatest player in baseball history, George Herman “Babe” Ruth transformed th...

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The World's Fastest, Spookiest, Smelliest, Strongest Book

Kids will have a blast learning about the most extreme things in the world! The World’s Fastest, Sp...

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The 10 Worst of Everything

The 10 Worst of Everything is a celebration of failures, doom, disaster, mistakes, miscalculations, h...

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See You Later: A Few Amazing Late-Blooming Ladies

March 6, 2020

They say it's never too late to succeed in life, and it was true for these highly accomplished women who found fame and fortune after 40. The late Mary Higgins Clark (she passed away in February 2020) is among the bestselling authors of ...

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