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Dad Jokes Word Search

When Dad goes into his man cave to relax, make sure he has a copy of Dad Jokes Word Search! Alongside...

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Albert Einstein: Genius of Space and Time!

By any measure, Albert Einstein changed the ways we understand—and measure—space and time. At fi...

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Mom Jokes

Moms need their laughs just as much as anyone, especially when they have to relieve the stress of cran...

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Sacagawea: Courageous Trailblazer!

What did 33 men in the 1800s need to find their way through the wilderness on a trip across America? T...

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George Washington: Soldier and Statesman!

Known as the “Father of Our Country,” George Washington lost his own father at the age of 11, was ...

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Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom!

Harriet Tubman lived an incredible life, one more heroic than any comic book superhero. In 1849 she es...

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Jesus: Messenger of Peace!

Jesus: Messenger of Peace! tells the story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth as recounted in the Gospe...

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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time!

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time! introduces young readers to a sporting icon who was larger th...

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One-Sport Athletes Who Tried to be Two-Sport Athletes

March 4, 2021

Sure, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders both played pro baseball and pro football, and simultaneously at that. But several other professional jocks who had what it took to make it one big league couldn’t quite cut it in another. Michael Jordan, ...

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