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Let’s Make Some Margarine!

December 28, 2018

Butter is a lightly processed dairy fat, formed into bricks, and shipped into stores. But butter is relatively expensive, leading to the development of butter-like margarine in the 19th century. Like butter, it’s made from fat—generally some kind...

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Christmas Treats From Around the World

December 14, 2018

If you’re a little tired of eggnog, fruitcake, and those other familiar holiday sweets, try one of these special goodies from distant lands. Sweden: Knäck The name translates to “break,” an apt word to describe this “Christmas Butterscotch...

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How to Make Soy Sauce (The Old-Fashioned Way)

December 10, 2018

Need a bottle of soy sauce? You could drive five minutes to the nearest grocery store and pick up a bottle for three bucks…or you could make some from scratch with the same method that soy sauce makers in Asia have been using for centuries. (Warnin...

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The Hows and Whys of Coffee

November 22, 2018

Does Uncle John, the guy responsible for producing a 600-page book every year, drinking a lot of coffee? You better believe he does. Here’s how the good stuff works.  Awaken! Caffeine affects neurotransmitters. Normally, those keep blood ves...

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