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Tool Name Origins

July 19, 2019

Here’s how all the stuff in your garage, shed, and on the truck got their names. CHISEL Along with the gentle or aggressive tapping of a hammer, a chisel is used to chip away into very hard surfaces like stone or bricks. In a very slow, ...

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Hello, Dolly!

July 17, 2019

Is there a person alive who doesn’t like Dolly Parton? Here are some interesting facts about her. Just Dolly The name Dolly is often a nickname or “diminutive” of a more formal first name, particularly Dorothy or Dolores. Not for Dol...

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Who Knew? Giveaway

July 16, 2019

The Who Knew? titles are collections of articles filled with gems of wisdom to dazzle your brain cells. These books have plenty of tales to surprise and delight even the most ardent trivia fan. The two newest editions to the series are Who Knew? W...

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