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The Weirdest Ever Sports Contracts

January 8, 2019

Professional sports are big business, with millions of dollars regularly changing hands between players and management. But a giant fortune isn’t everything, it would seem. No dogs allowed From 2011 to 2013, Steve Novak played at forward for ...

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Electronic Thingamajigs We Never Got To Fiddle With

January 7, 2019

It seems like there’s always a “must have” gadget that everybody’s clamoring to get. These are some examples of that hype…except that after their were touted and promoted, they never actually hit stores. The Phantom In 2003, a company...

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“Name” That Slang Expression

January 3, 2019

Hey, Buddy: A lot of popular, colloquial phrases involve the use of a common, generic first name. Here are the origins of some of them, Jack. “Geez, Louise” At least as early as the late 1900s, English speakers started inserting words into ...

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Amazing Things Found In People’s Backyards

December 31, 2018

You never know what you might fight out there, underneath the wood pile, next to the herb garden, or below the kids’ old swing-set. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD In 2010, a New Orleans man named Vincent Marcello got to work on digging the big hole nece...

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Let’s Make Some Margarine!

December 28, 2018

Butter is a lightly processed dairy fat, formed into bricks, and shipped into stores. But butter is relatively expensive, leading to the development of butter-like margarine in the 19th century. Like butter, it’s made from fat—generally some kind...

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