The Forgotten Wars Quiz

November 10, 2023

On Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Here’s a quiz about some conflicts and missions from American history that may have faded away from public consciousness. (Answers follow.)

By Brian Boone


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#1. In the Quasi-War of 1798 to 1800, French ships attacked American ships in the world’s oceans for what reason?


#2. The Kingdom of Tripoli in North Africa seized an American ship in 1801—launching The First Barbary War—because the U.S. failed to do what for that kingdom?


#3. Less than 50 years after the American Revolution, American and British forces clashed anew in the War of 1812. During the conflict, what landmark did the British try (and fail) to burn down?


#4. In the lead-up to the Mexican-American War in the 1840s, the Mexican government refused what?


#5. What future U.S. president served as a general in the Mexican-American War?


#6. The Spanish-American War (1898-1901) more or less ended Spain’s network of colonies and led to independence for what nation?


#7. Prior to its entry in World War II, the U.S. peacefully took temporary control of which Scandinavian place so as to defend it against mobilized troops from Nazi Germany?


#8. Hostilities in the Vietnam War spilled over into what country, via American bombing campaigns, due to the fear of the spread of Communism?


#9. “Operation Urgent Fury” was the U.S. military’s code name for what ‘80s-era conflict?


#10. Manuel Noriega was the U.S.-backed leader of what country… until he went rogue and got involved with drug-trafficking, necessitating that American military forces remove him from office in a 1989 invasion?


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