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Here Comes the Sun

November 13, 2019

…and a bunch of fun facts about that glowing yellow orb in the sky. The sun's temperature On average, the sun burns at about 10,000° Fahrenheit. But that’s just on the surface. The sun's core The central core of the sun serves a...

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The Latest Buzz on Bees

July 5, 2019

Oh honey, “hive” got a feeling you’re going to love reading these news stories about bees. It’s very much your beeswax. Bee Listening About a year ago, a couple living in a house in Granada, in southern Spain, noticed bees in their...

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Pollen Facts and Trivia

All About Pollen

March 20, 2019

It’s springtime, when there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: allergies, and how they make you miserable with the sneezing, sore throat, and eyes glued shut. It’s all because of tiny little particles of pollen flying around the air. Here...

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