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Weird 101

May 29, 2019

College isn’t all math classes, science labs, and lectures about Medieval English literature. There are also these strange — and very real — courses offered by colleges and universities. The Amazing World of Bubbles This course at th...

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10 Skeleton Facts

April 2, 2019

No bones about it — the human skeleton is a fascinating thing. Longest bone Longest bone in the body: The femur, or thigh bone. It’s also the strongest, able to withstand more pressure than concrete. It’s so tough that it’s one of ...

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Pollen Facts and Trivia

All About Pollen

March 20, 2019

It’s springtime, when there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: allergies, and how they make you miserable with the sneezing, sore throat, and eyes glued shut. It’s all because of tiny little particles of pollen flying around the air. Here...

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