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Hello from Uncle John, and welcome to the About Us Page of Portable Press! If you have a penchant for bathroom books, obscure facts, eye-opening stats, astounding records, and bizarre stories about dumb crooks, you’re in the right place. Publisher of the annual best-selling Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, Portable Press brings the fun and laughter, with fascinating recounts of strange lawsuits, random origins of everyday essentials, and chronicles of the famous for 15 minutes. Threaded through these winning reference books are smirk-inducing dad jokes, rundowns of historical myth-conceptions, and a robust array of amusing top 10 lists. Our award-winning Show Me History series of graphic biographies adds excitement to the lives of notable world figures, with vivid imagery inspired by comic books that’s just perfect for middle grade readers. Readers of all ages will find much to enjoy with our many large print books, collections of strange history and quintessential quotes, and more.

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