Printers Row Publishing Group:

Learn about amazing historical narratives in graphic novel format with our brand new series, Show Me History!  With contributions from renowned artists, illustrators, and authors that have worked with DC, Marvel, and the like, this new series is sure to excite! Each title includes:

  • Full-color Illustrations
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Timeline of Events
  • Further Reading Materials
Abraham Lincoln

Defender of the Union!

Alexander Hamilton

The Fighting Founding Father!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Voice for Equality!

Amelia Earhart

Pioneer of the Sky!

Babe Ruth

Baseball's All-Time Best!

Available April 14, 2020

Benjamin Franklin

Inventor of the Nation!

Available May 5, 2020

Susan B. Anthony

Champion for Voting Rights

Available June 30, 2020

Walt Disney

The Magical Innovator!

Available June 30, 2020

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