Hear some of author James Buckley Jr.’s recent interviews
about Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time!


At the Fights

Listen as James describes the life and achievements of Muhammad Ali in Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time!


Meet the Show Me History! Contributors


James Buckley Jr. - Author

James Buckley Jr. is a best-selling children’s author who has written more than 200 books on topics that include sports, nature, pop culture, and history. James writes books for both strong and reluctant readers, including popular series such as WHO WAS...?DK Eyewitness, and Real Life Heroes. He has been writing children’s books for Scholastic, Penguin Workshop, DK, National Geographic Kids, Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, and others for more than 20 years. James creates relatable nonfiction works, including the annual Scholastic Year in Sports, a top-selling title in Scholastic Book Fairs. Currently, he’s bringing his expertise in marrying nonfiction with narrative to his new collaboration with Portable Press for the NAPPA award-winning Show Me History! series. James uses the popular graphic novel format to introduce children to famous figures from history, enticing even the most hesitant readers to want to learn more.

Previously, James has worked on a variety of high-profile sports publications. He spent time as a senior editor at NFL Publishing, where he covered Super Bowls, helped start, and created numerous children’s books on the league and its players. He was the editor of the first NFL Magazine. He also formerly worked and wrote for Sports Illustrated. A California native, James currently lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and two children.


Mark Shulman - Author

Unlike the Mark Shulmans who are rugby players, rock drummers, and military historians, this Mark Shulman has written more than 150 well-loved books for kids of all ages. He has written for Scholastic, DK, National Geographic, and many more. His most recent books are in the Show Me History! series with Portable Press. These fast, fun, factual graphic novel-style biographies introduce readers to famous individuals from history.

Mark is a popular speaker at schools and conferences, and like his books, his presentations are fast, fun, and factual. He shares useful tips for writing nonfiction and telling stories that inspire students and teachers alike. For his writing and his presentations, Mark draws on his experiences as an advertising creative director, a New York City tour guide, a radio announcer, and a camp counselor. His books include Scrawl, Time for Kids: Big Book of Why, Are You Normal, I Voted, Mom and Dad are Palindromes, and its sequel, Ann and Nan are Anagrams.


John Roshell - Letterer

John has lettered thousands of comics for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Blizzard, and more; created hundreds of typefaces widely used in comics and video games; and designed loads of logos for franchises like the Avengers, Daredevil, Black Panther, and Angry Birds.

Kelly Tindall - Illustrator

Kelly Tindall is the award-winning writer/artist of The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much and the Strangebeard series, makes one heck of a good sandwich. He lives in Edmonton, Canada, with his wife and two daughters.

For more of his work, follow Kelly on Instagram.