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Publishers Weekly Review – Amelia Earhart

"Buckley blends historical context and intriguing biographical details (Earhart once drove across the country with her mother), creating an appealing introduction to this larger-than-life inspiration."
- Publishers Weekly

Winner of the 2019 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)

“The Show Me History! series is a wonderful way to introduce iconic heroes and the history of their time to young readers. Each biography is presented in graphic format, offering a great mix of visual interest and fascinating facts. Kids will definitely be engaged.”
- NAPPA Awards Director Elena Epstein


Show Me Show Me History Graphic Novels

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"I am a 4th grade teacher in Carlsbad, CA, and my kids are loving the new Show Me History! books. Some of my slower, more intrepid readers are reading them in 2-3 nights. I’ve heard them say things like 'Realistic pictures', 'The illustrations make these easier to enjoy.', 'I love learning about Abraham Lincoln.'  I’m so excited to have a starter set of these books to help get my students excited for reading."
- Tracy M., 4th Grade Teacher

"Bunking the notion that history is dull, these titles in the Show Me History! series convey the lives of notable historical figures through colorful and spirited cartoons. The books’ conversational tone, with occasional surprises and humorous exchanges, describe the high and low points of each figure and his or her impact on American history. In addition, color-coded speech balloons and stylized fonts reflect actual quotes and writings. This series makes history approachable and engaging, especially for reluctant readers."
- Angela L., Booklist, Amazon Customer

"These books Show Me History! are great for kids who don't like textbooks. Graphics are good and history is accurate. My grandson really likes reading them."
- Sally E., Amazon Customer

"My 9-year-old loved the book. I see you only have 4 books out so far in this series. Are you planning on making more? My son loved the format of the book. I have bought 2 more for him to read. (Purchased three books so far). I will need to buy the last book that has been published in this series soon.  If you have more books coming out, when will they be released? Please hurry."
- Heather G., Parent

"Readers will love the illustrations that perfectly capture the emotion of the time. Vividly colorful and extremely detailed this graphic novel is a plus for students who aren’t fans of non-fiction. Readers will be able to spend time on each page to take in all of the details for a better understanding of the story. Parents and teachers can use this tool to engage students, teach history, capture the eye of the non-reader and discuss the wonderful man (Abraham Lincoln) and what he did for this country."
- Kristi B., Amazon Customer

"My son is 10 years old and loves the comic book style series. He has read these multiple times. I will continue to purchase the latest releases."
- Andrew B., Amazon Customer