Sneak Peek of Uncle John’s Newest Bathroom Reader

August 21, 2023

In this 36th edition of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, longtime fans and new readers alike will be astounded by a treasure trove of wonderfully weird (and true!) stories that explore the realms of pop culture, history, sports, science, and everyday folks.

As a gift from good old Uncle John, here’s a sneak peek of the newest edition—coming September 5th.


Holy moly! What a couple of years it’s been! As we all tentatively removed our masks in 2022 and ventured back into the outside world, it’s evident that things have changed: the Bathroom Readers’ Institute staff is washing our hands a lot more and still maintaining a respectful distance from others, and we’re also embracing new fashion trends (we wrote most of this year’s Bathroom Reader in our comfiest athleisure duds), distracting ourselves with all the streaming services on offer, and taking advantage of relaxed work-from-anywhere policies. (The nice thing about a laptop? It’s a lot easier to use in the bathroom than the typewriters we started on 36 years ago.)

Most important about being back on the social scene after doing the socially distanced scene for a couple of years: it’s reminded me once again that variety is the spice of life, and that unique people, places, and activities are what keep that life interesting. That reminder is what inspired this year’s Bathroom Reader:


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