What’s New in Weird Baseball Food? 

April 2, 2024

By Brian Boone

Baseball is simple and traditional. The food served at major league ballparks is decidedly not. Here are all the wildest, biggest, and strangest new foods on offer at the big league stadiums this year—way beyond the usual fare of hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack. 

The Boomstick 

Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas—home of World Series-winning Texas Rangers—have introduced The Boomstick Burger. Roughly the same length and weight as a powerful baseball bat, the concoction is a two-foot-long hamburger. Weighing more than a couple of pounds, it’s also covered in cheese, jalapeños, onion rings, and Texas-style chili. 

Dino Rib 

The SandLot Brewery and Smokehouse at the Colorado Rockies home stadium of Coors Field can make all of your Fred Flintstone dreams come true. The “Dino” means dinosaur, because the dish features a single, gigantic beef rib well over a foot long and weighing almost a pound and a half. To complete this modern Stonehenge culinary—it’s served with paratha, one of the oldest breads still prepared in the way it was thousands of years ago. 

Sundae Donut Milkshake 

This dessert—or multiple desserts, really—available at Citi Field during New York Mets game—merely starts with ice cream. A thick chocolatey milkshake goes all the way up to the rim of a tall cup. Then it’s topped with a donut. And then that gets topped with caramel popcorn. And then there are sauces and drizzles, too. 

50 West Loaded Bases Nacho Burger 

At the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, the food wizards at brew pub 50 West concocted a towering sandwich that consists of equal parts burger and nachos. It starts with two big beef patties topped with molten nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapeño peppers, a slice of American cheese, a whole tostado, lettuce, and tomato. And it comes with dipping sauce—nacho cheese, of course. 

Chicken and Waffle Bowl 

The Southern delicacy of fried chicken and waffles comes to the ballpark. At Fenway Park in Boston, 2024 will mark the first year vendors sell a Chicken and Waffle Bowl. Into an edible container made of waffle cone material fit fried chicken bites atop a mound of mashed potatoes, all covered in a sweet-and-savory sauce. 

Renegade Hot Dog 

A foot-long hot dog bun offers a lot of room for meat and toppings—one could theoretically put anything in a hot dog bun. At PNC Park—home field of the Pittsburgh Pirates—they put that theory to the test and fill up the bun with everything. Along with a foot-long hot dog, in comes a heaping helping of pot roast, a bunch of miniature pierogis, caramelized onions, and some pickle spears. 

All You Can Eat 

In 2024, loanDepot Stadium will have a special section for Miami Marlins baseball games. For $52, fans get a seat in the section that includes unlimited concessions. A fan can get their fill and then some of hot dogs, chili dogs, chili nachos, burgers, peanuts, popcorn, cookies, soda, and water.

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