It’s “Eat What You Want Day” (But Don’t Eat This)

May 10, 2019

Saturday, May 11 is “Eat What You Want Day,” a time that organizers say we should all ease up on the healthy eating and just consume what we really want to consume. It might be going a little too far, however, to eat one of these record-setting giant foods, or try to match a competitive eater’s achievements.

It’s Personal

A “personal” size pizza is a reasonable amount of pizza for one person to eat. In July 2018, Geoffrey Esper ate 19.25 little pizzas in just 10 minutes, a world record.

We Have a Wiener!

Local manufacturers of sausage, buns, and condiments staged a special even in Zapopan, Mexico in August 2018, joining forces to set the world record for a line of hot dogs laid end to end. Total number of hot dogs: 10,000, and the chain spelled out the word “hot dog.”

This One Sizzles

You might like bacon, but do you like it as much as Matt Stonie? The competitive eater wolfed down 182 slices of the breakfast fat in five minutes back in 2015.

We All Scream

Dairy producer Kemps came prepared to the 2014 Cedarburg Strawberry Festival in Wisconsin: It brought the biggest scoop of strawberry ice cream ever created. Over the course of the weekend, Kemps employees handed out servings spooned out of the giant scoop, which weight 3,010 pounds and stood 5’6” tall and was 6’2” wide.

Vienna Calling

Competitive eater Sonya Thomas has set a number of records over her career, but this one might be the hardest to stomach. In 2005, she consumed 8.31 pounds of Vienna Sausage — those canned, wiener-like processed meat sticks — in a mere 10 minutes.

But At Least It’s Filling

Chili’s Ultimate Smokehouse Combo looks like the mountain of food they’d place in front of a competitive eater, but it’s available off the menu at the restaurant’s many outlets. It holds the distinction of the single most calorie-packed meal at an American chain restaurant. The collection of a half rack of ribs, chicken strips, cheddar-infused smoked sausage, French fries, corn, and garlic bread packs 2,440 calories. That’s more than most adults need in an entire day. (It also boasts three times the recommended daily allowance of sodium.)