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Uncle John's OLD FAITHFUL 30th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

2018 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Gold Winner in Humor What's even more trusty and awe-inspiring than...

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Uncle John's UNCANNY Bathroom Reader

Foreword Indies, 2016 Bronze Winner for Humor IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winner 2017!What’s...

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Walt Disney: The Magical Innovator!

From his early upbringing in the Midwest to finding success in Hollywood, Walt Disney: The Magical In...

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Who Knew?

Why do elephants have such big ears? What's the difference between fog and mist? Who invented sliced b...

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Who Knew? Human Anatomy

Why are modern humans larger than people who lived 500 years ago? Can people spontaneously combust? Ho...

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Who Knew? Physics

In Who Knew? Physics, you’ll learn the mind-blowing answers to questions about the way our universe...

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Who Knew? Women in History

Who Knew? Women in History is a compendium of more than a hundred articles about women who have playe...

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