Happy 143rd, Alaska!

March 30, 2010

In honor of the 143rd anniversary of the day the United States government purchased from Russia the land that would later become the great state of Alaska, we’d like to bring to you some other things related to the number 143. Ahem:

• There are 143 neutrons in an atom of uranium-235.

• There are 143 public parks and gardens in the city of London, England.

• There are 143 famous Taoist temples in China.

• “There are 143 times in each twelve hour period for which you can switch the hands of a clock and still have a legitimate time!” (We’ll take his word for that. We’re not mathematicians—we’re bathematicians.)

• Total number of episodes of the television series “Mr. Ed”: 143.

• You know how many known copies of the original Marco Polo book, Description of the World exist? Yep, 143. (How’d you guess!?!)

• And last but not least: 143 means “I Love You.”