And now for some interesting internet comments…

August 4, 2010

Someone at Yahoo hit their head and put up a REALLY DUMB ARTICLE about “money habits” you didn’t know were illegal. Did you know, for instance, that it is illegal to lie on a home loan application? Of that you can’t make copies of U.S. currency? I know, it’s crazy!

Hey, it happens—but we still get to laugh at it. And read the comments. And there are over 4,700 of them. A few of our favorites:

These comments are way more interesting and accurate than the the stupid article.

I’m sure everyone that read this already knew you weren’t allowed to copy money. It is called “counterfeiting”, Marcie.

well no @#$% sherlock

Ohh.. Can’t I make my own money? *facepalm* -.-

Its illegal to steal a horse in Oklahoma. [must be a BRI fan!]

its illegal to fish with a shotgun in Kansas [and another!]

Thumbs up if you like Pancakes and hate this B.s.

These are habits? Who do these people hang around with?

Wow ! I was just in the process of signing my wife’s name to a home application where I lied about my income so we would get approved more easily. I had just finished printing my 20% down payment when I came across this article….whew. This informative article saved me from a lot of possible jail time. Maybe I could use my son’s social security number and qualify as a first time home buyer and not need a down payment…..@#$%….that’s #2 on the list of “things not to do”. Well, at least ” income derived from a ponzi scheme ” isn’t mentioned on the list… I got worried there for a minute !

i love you

And our personal favorite: I was arrested once for yelling at a 100 dollar bill.