Our New Year’s Gift to You: The Origami Ducky

December 30, 2010

We wanted to get each and every one of you a gift this holiday season. But, since we didn’t have everyone’s addresses, the hard part was figuring out what to get you that we could transported through the internet. So, here is our little thank you for supporting us in 2010 and for the many years before…and after: THE ORIGAMI DUCKY! (First appeared in Uncle John’s Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader)

Print it out, make the duck, and send us a picture [unclejohnsbathroomreader (at) gmail (dot) com] to put on our Facebook page. Let’s see if we can break the record of the most origamis ever made at one time by a team. According to the record: 545 people folded 9,300 origami cranes in one hour at Singapore State University on 22 August 2006. Let the fun begin!!