John Hodgman on Uncle John’s [updated]

October 28, 2011

Update: Mr. Sir Hodgman has responded. We are humbled.

John Hodgman of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show fame has a new book coming out: That is All, the third in his groin-pullingly funny The Areas of My Expertise series.

Hodgman talked to Publishers Weekly about it—and a fan sent us the link:

Hodgman shares the four books that inspired his oeuvre.

He saved the best for last. Ahem:

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader
There are many volumes now of this great work of disposable facts for disposable time, but I discovered the first edition lying around back when I was still an agent at Writers House in New York City. I was not a very good agent, but Writers House itself, a beautiful 18th-century townhouse once belonging to John Jacob Astor, was a lovely place to read and scheme up a new life. And thankfully, it also had a bathroom.

Thankfully indeed!