The Last Living Veteran of World War One

November 11, 2011

Please meet Mrs. Florence Green (this article is from February):

The revels were not quite as wild as on Armistice Day. Still, there was plenty to celebrate yesterday when the world’s last surviving female veteran of the First World War celebrated her 110th birthday.

Florence Green, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was 17 years old when she joined the Women’s Royal Air Force, in the late summer of 1918.

She looks good! 110? Wow!

Imagine telling the good Florence when she was still a young woman in the 1920s, “Hey Flo, you’re going to have your own Wikipedia page some day!” She’d be like, “Umwut? LOL.”

A grand salute to you, Mrs. Florence Green, and to all our veterans of long ago and up to this very moment, from all of us here at the BRI, on this Veterans Day, November 11, 2011.