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Tsunami Girl Home After 7 Years [updated]

December 23, 2011

Tsunami girlUnbelievable:

“An Indonesian girl swept away in the 2004 tsunami has been reunited with her parents seven years on, the family say.

Meri Yulanda, also known as Wati, turned up at a cafe in Meulaboh, Aceh, earlier this week, looking for her parents.

She says she was found by a widow after the disaster and forced to work as a beggar, being freed only last week.”

The rest of this amazing story is at the link.

Update: Not enough good news for you, crabby pants? Well try this one on for size:

When Frankie Pruitt came home from school for the holidays, he stopped on the way up the driveway to hug his pit bull, who had run to him with her tail wagging. “Petunia!” he said, and rubbed the fur around her ears, and looked into her brown eyes.

“Same eyes,” he said. “Same old Petunia!”

He hadn’t seen the dog since 2003…



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