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Casey Affleck to Make Film @ Former Crack Addict MLB Player Josh Hamilton

June 21, 2012

Could be interesting:

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Hamilton’s rise from the depths of an addiction to crack to become the American League’s most feared slugger is dramatic enough to have been scripted. Sure enough, Hamilton has entrusted his rights to producer Basil Iwanyk and Thunder Road Pictures to be shopped for a feature that will be written and directed by Casey Affleck. Iwanyk has partnered with Kevin Walsh and The Walsh Company on the film, which he and Affleck will pitch to the town shortly.

Much more to read at the link. It really is a heck of a story.

Hamilton so far this year: batting .331; slugging .674; 22 homeruns. Not bad.

Casey Affleck: He was good in Ocean’s movies, don’t you think?



On a related note: We made a pretty terrific book on baseball. Try it out! If you’re into that sort of thing.

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