June is Bathroom Reading Month: Giveaway #21

June 29, 2012


UPDATE: The winner of our last giveaway was Lisa L.

As a final bonus, Uncle John has also answered her question.

Lisa L.: Do you overpower people at social gatherings with random knowledge?

Uncle John: No, I usually overpower them with my contrasting plaid hat and plaid jacket. And my onion breath. Seriously, when I’m at a social gathering I try to restrain myself from pelting potential friends with dizzying displays of facts. (Listening can be fun, too.)



Every weekday in June we will pick a random winner from the readers that answer our daily question on our blog. This is our last giveaway of the month. You have till Sunday, midnight PST to answer the following question. The random winner will be announced on Monday morning. Thanks everyone for playing!

Question #21

If you could ask Uncle John one question, what would it be? (Please keep questions clean)