Meet the BRI: Melinda

November 26, 2012

Meet the Bathroom Reader StaffIn honor of our 25th anniversary, we think it might finally be time to introduce you to the people behind this amazing series. We will be posting brief interviews with each of the staff members throughout the month of November.


Today we introduce Melinda:

Q. How long have you been with the BRI, and what do you do?

A. Six-and-a-half years. I’m a developmental editor, which means I work with writers, designers, and a ton of other freelancers to put together some great books. I do a fair amount of writing too. My favorite book so far is probably “Plunges into Canada, Eh.” Long live the Great White North!

Q. What is your favorite part about working on Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers?

A. I learn all kinds of interesting trivia (like…when you meet the Queen of England, address her as “Your Majesty” the first time and as “Ma’am” afterward), and I get to work with a fun, creative bunch of people.

Q. Which stall is the best: the first, the middle or the last?

A. The middle. It’s important to be fair.

Q. Complete this sentence: When life gives you lemons ______?

A. Make a nice lemon bar, not too tart and just sweet enough.