Crossword Maker Reveals He Has Cancer in Today’s Crossword

January 11, 2013

Wo – he must love what he does:

Above cryptic crossword No 25,842 sat a set of special instructions: “Araucaria,” it said, “has 18 down of the 19, which is being treated with 13 15”.

Those who solved the puzzle found the answer to 18 was cancer, to 19 oesophagus, and to 13 15 palliative care. The solutions to some of the other clues were: Macmillan, nurse, stent, endoscopy, and sunset.

Speaking from his home in Cambridgeshire, Araucaria said this particular puzzle had not taken him very long, adding that a crossword had seemed the most fitting way to make the announcement.

“It seemed the natural thing to do somehow,” he said. “It just seemed right.”

The clue for 18 down, the answer of which is “cancer”:

“Sign of growth”


Get well soon, Araucaria.

• More on “Araucaria” – or the Reverend John Galbraith Graham – here.