A Kick-in-the-Pants Note From a Fan

March 2, 2013

Via private message on FaceBook, yesterday:

Oof, Carrie C., what a story. Sad—but with a happy ending! Hooray! It is so thoughtful of you to take the time to send us that note. We are truly touched. Thank you more than we can say – truly.

P.S. We asked Carrie exactly how she uses the Kindle to accommodate her impaired vision. We thought we’d pass it on in case it can help anybody else out there:

Yes – I can adjust the font size as large as I need it, depending on my vision that day. I have a real weird eye disease, the closest thing that people would know is macular degeneration. I see things slightly skewed as well. Most days I read on my kindle with the soft beige background always, and the font is either the 3rd largest, or the 2nd largest if I’m having what I call a bad eye day.

Thanks again, Carrie! Happy reading!

     —Uncle John the entire crack staff at the BRI 

P.S. We were going to start off our reply by saying, “Hold on…there’s something in our eyes…”—but it was too funny seemed inappropriate…