Lost TV Pilots & The Nat King Cole Show

March 5, 2013

Our Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader TUNES INTO TV, which had been a reader request for many years, has turned out to be a darn big hit. An excerpt from a review over at Amazon:

Some great articles here, there are brief histories on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS. Inventors such as Smirnoff and Farnsworth are given their due, and since modern day tv wouldn’t be where it is without them, it’s wonderful that they’re mentioned.

I really enjoyed their piece about the 1968 showing of Heidi, and the uproar it caused. I would recommend this book, for any up and coming tv historians who need to get a quick overview of the medium. It helped refresh my memory, and introduced me to a few stories I didn’t know about.

Williston North Dakota

Why thank you, JThree, much obliged.

We thought you might like a look at what’s inside this book, so here are two excerpts for your reading pleasure.

First, some TV pilots you may not have heard about. Click on the pic to enlarge. (Here’s a PDF version: LostTVPilots)

And another, this the unfortunate story of “The Nat King Cole Show.” (PDF: AKingDethroned)

Hope you enjoyed them! You can get Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader TUNES INTO TV at Amazon, among other places. More choices in the EBook section over here.

Uncle John…out!