Some Not So Egg-cellent Easter Products

March 29, 2013

Easter eggsIt’s the hoppiest day of the year! Here are four egg-citing Easter products.

1. Funny Bunny. This wind-up toy rabbit distributed by a candy company called Treat Street dispenses jelly beans as it waddles across any flat surface…by pooping them out. As the packaging notes, “Wind him up and watch him GO!”

2. Bad Easter Bunny. The naughty rabbit in “The Easter Bunny” by Isabel Atherton may not be as brutish as Bad Santa, but you may want to think twice about sticking a copy in your kid’s basket. The plot centers around a depressed Easter Bunny who goes on a rampage after a group of bratty kids knock him over.

3. The Paas Mini-Monsters Egg Kit. Because nothing says Easter quite like blood thirsty freaks of nature.

4. Warheads Giant Candy Filled Egg. Oversized plastic eggs stuffed with candy are all the rage these days. While enormous eggs filled with M&Ms and jelly beans are understandably popular, this egg is packed with enough extra-sour treats to make a kindergartner’s head explode, just like the cartoon character on the packaging. (Best to stick with the jelly beans.)

BONUS: Here are some terrifying Easter Bunny pictures. There are pages and pages of these. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any bunny-related nightmares these may cause.