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Best Golf Book EVER

April 14, 2013

Masters UPDATE: Adam Scott – WHAT. A. PUTT. Wow.

And now holy cow, Angel Cabrera. What a finish coming up…

Congratulations, Adam Scott and Australia! Wow! What a finish! (And Angel Cabrera – you are a class act. Nicely done! And very nice of Scott to give a nod to The Shark. All around very nice day of golf.)
Hey, did you know you can get your favorite golf fan the best book on golf ever made! No, not that one – this one!

Check out this review at Amazon:

Every year for Christmas, I get my husband an Uncle John Bathroom Reader – as the throne room IS his favorite place to read. He is a golfer, too. THIS book has to be one of the funniest since the laughter floating out the bathroom door was just plain fun to listen too. Later on or days later on the golf course, he would be sharing the stories he read and the laughter would begin again.

This year, I gave him a new padded toilet seat for his throne and 3 Uncle John Readers! I do believe it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made as far as gifts go…especially on the grin and giggle meter!! Thanks, Amazon for having the best choices.

And it’s not just humor, check out this sample:

You can get it in three different eBook versions, too! (Scroll down a bit to find this book.)

That is all! Enjoy!

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Lance Noonan
Lance Noonan
July 21, 2014 8:52 pm

I have just finished your Bathroom reader ‘Tees off on golf”….a great read if your interested in golf, which I am. I didn’t come across ( or may have missed) a mention about ” JAMBOYS “. As a part of the history of the game…probably not a proud one….I thought it was worthy of a paragraph or two .

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