Did You Have a Nice Pranksgiving (April Fools)?

April 5, 2013

April Fools’ Day 2013 will go down in history as one that was particularly saturated with public pranks. Among our favorites:

april fools• The British car show Top Gear announced it was filming in the Netherlands, and that in order to set a new land speed record, a busy 20-mile stretch of highway outside of Amsterdam would have to be closed. Citizens grumbled about the delays and rerouting…until it was revealed that there was no show. It was all a prank from a mischievous Dutch police officer.

YouTube released a video declaring that the site’s entire existence was a contest to find “the best video.” Furthermore, the service announced it would be shutting down for 10 years so its panel of judges could watch all of the billions of videos and decide on a winner. The prize: $500.

• Outdoor supply company REI announced that it would be selling “Adventure Kitten Gear”. Among the items: a “Wild Cat” backpack that held “100 cubic inches of kibble and catnip,” and an $11 bandana that “doesn’t do anything, but looks cute in photos.”

• Perhaps the most talked about joke of April Fools’ Day this year was Google’s announcement of its new service, Google Nose. Supposedly, it would allow users to search the company’s “Aromabase” of more than 15 million smellable “Scentibytes.” Among the available scents? Dumpsters and wet dogs.