Weird Inventions Goes to Print (Sneak Peek)

April 1, 2013

Here at Bathroom Reader HQ we just finished up another book—look for Weird Inventions on bookstore shelves in May. It’s a silly, mind-boggling collection of strange gizmos and bizarre products you can’t possibly live without. Here’s a little preview.

Weird Inventions Sample Page
The writers behind Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader present this totally true treasury of amazing gizmos—devilish devices you never knew existed, created by people who thought the world absolutely needed what they had to offer and sell.
Read all about…
  • The one-man tank, which shoots 15 paintballs per second
  • The stretch-Mini Cooper, complete with a Jacuzzi in the backseat
  • Deodorant-dispensing T-shirts and leg-massaging tights
  • The toaster that inscribes messages on toast
  • And hundreds more!